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Workshops & Classes

Online Spiritual Healing

Life can be whatever you make it if you’re prepared to do the work. Perhaps you want the confidence to start a brand-new career or go back to school. Maybe you want the courage to start a new, meaningful relationship and know that if things turn out well, you won’t be tempted to self-sabotage. Or perhaps you just want to be able to put your head on the pillow and close your eyes and finally feel at peace. Wherever you’re at and wherever you’re headed, I can help.

Available Courses

The Re-Awakening - The Re-Awakening self-paced course accompanies the workbook, The Re-Awakening: A Workbook to Get Unstuck and Awaken to Your Life’s Purpose available on Amazon.Com. During this 6-week personal development course, you’ll learn the transformational power of being honest with the person who matters most in your life – you! I’ll teach you how to disrupt the coping mechanisms that are keeping you stuck in survival mode and preventing you from finding your life's purpose. And I’ll show you how to cultivate a new way of living that will enable you to live within Spirit, attract the kind of relationships, success, and happiness that you truly deserve.

7-Day Compassion Meditation Challenge - This free online course is ideal for beginners to mindfulness, people looking for more peace, calm, focus, compassion, and to embody love and kindness. Every day, for a week, you will enjoy a guided meditation from Toshia and information about mindfulness.This course will help you:increase your level of focus, boost your feelings of happiness, bring compassion into your heart, improve the quality of your relationships, manage stress, calm feelings of anxiety and manage your low mood.


Full Moon Sound Bath - Soak in the light of the full moon and immerse yourself in sound. A Sound Bath is a deeply relaxing, meditative experience. Get submerged into sound and let the vibrations of the bowls take you on a journey of deep relaxation, healing, and self discovery.


Price $30

Reiki II Certification - Learn to perform Distant or Absentee Reiki through space and time, anywhere. This level is considered “practitioner,” allowing you to charge for your Reiki services.
Price: $275