Goddess Energy

Today, I felt like crap; which is weird because I woke up and had the highest of vibrations. I woke up drank my coffee, posted in the Self-Love Challenge, did yoga & meditation, showered, had breakfast and headed off to the office. Then, once I sat in my office chair I could feel my energy start to plummet. Morning meetings, check the emails, scroll a little. Then I hit way down to around 350! Whoa...what’s going on here?! I quickly made an appointment to get accupuncture because I felt my body reacting to something but I’m not really sure what it was. I put on lavendar essential oil, and still nothing. I tore out of the office and felt relieved once I laid on the doctors table.

I immediately felt relaxed and my MHz climbed up to around 425. Got home tore off my clothes, propped up an old mirror I’m supposed to be throwing out, turnt up the music and then this happened:

My MHz is back up to around 525! Whew! I don’t play around with my energy and I know just what to do to get it back to where it belongs!

I know that when I am working my 9-5 I’m on Boss mode, the Goddess lays dorment. The Goddess in me wanted to come out to play 💃🏽

I’ve learned to listen to the Goddess within, to let her break free and just be! I feel free when I’m dancing. I don’t hear negative talk, I don’t critique nor criticize my body. My body is the vehicle that transports my beautiful soul. Therefore, I respect it, I love it, I praise it, It is mine! One of my Masculine Energies asked if he could watch, he went unanswered because thst time was all mine. I don‘t bellydance for other people. I do it to connect with my sacral chakra. It’s all about me and I love it.

I share my Goddess energy when I allow others to experience it...whether thats by gifting me, worshipping my body, or making love. However, when I dance I get lost in a world of long ago. I will never sacrifice this feeling ever. It feels good.

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