Silent Weekend Retreat

Las Vegas, Nevada

October 15th-17th

A Retreat with Mindfulness,
Self-Compassion, Deep Rest, Restore, and to Rewrite Your Life.

Experience a weekend of deep restoration, self-reflection, and intention. Wake with yoga, experience guided meditation, and breath alignment to restore the body and clear the mind. Silence and shift the habitual patterns that may have been attained during the pandemic, and that keep you from being calm, clear and balanced.A limited number of participants will stay in residency in Las Vegas, Nevada to reset and restore in silence. Silence—even when it makes us uncomfortable—can mean more purposeful living. Silence can increase self-awareness, self-compassion and improve decision-making skills with improved mental clarity. It is one of the most important virtues in spirituality as it helps you to become more mindful and self-compassionate. Silence will also shift the habitual patterns that may have been attained during the pandemic, and that keep you from being calm, clear and balanced.

With daily dharma talks, guided meditations, pranayama, and breath alignment you will begin to let go of the old beliefs and habits that keep you stagnant and fearful of your future. You will begin to experience your emotions fully, knowing that you have a grounded and calm inner presence. 

We’ll move our bodies, clear our minds, and create intentions to live not from unconscious past programming but from a new perspective — the perspective of knowing your true self. All you have to do is show up, have an open heart and mind, and let go. 

Once the weekend is over you will take this sense of being grounded back into your personal life, family life, work life, and love life.


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Single Queen Bedroom 


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Shared Room Queen Bed


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Shared Room Double Bed


Sacral Chakra Cohort-1 

St. George, Utah

Retreat May 19th -23rd

The first Cohort of the Sacral Chakra Group will attended a transformative and restorative retreat including sound healing, breath alignment, healing meditation, movement, dancing, hiking, Goddess ceremony, delicious food, & amazing connection with your Sacral Chakra Sisters. It was a great honor to bring forward a powerful transformative alchemy.


What an AMAZING retreat!! Words really can not describe. I feel alive and open to this new awareness.. I know that I have been forever changed. I know I will forever hold and care for  myself differently. I know I will see myself through open eyes from this week forward.  I am grateful, I am blessed, I am seen, I am connected to the universe and the earth, I am I am! The mountains call to me like never before.  The energy is all around me. I am loved and I am supported. I am My Sisters Keeper!

Regina Hull, Sacral Chakra Graduate


Set in God's Country, of my favorite states in this country. Lush greenery, where you can smell the pine wafting through the air, plenty of sunshine, tall picturesque mountains, plenty of streams, trails, and spiritually grounding hikes. 

You will spend 5 days, and 4 nights in St. George, Utah with Toshia and the women you've grown to love and spiritually connect with on an energetic level. During this week you will deepen your connections, ground with beautiful nature in national parks, eat nourishing foods to detox, partake in transcrystal therapy in healing groups, kundalini yoga, sound baths, and partake in a sacred Goddess ceremony. You will leave transformed and a new person.