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Energy Healing W/ Toshia

As a certified Reiki Master and sound-healer, Toshia uses her intuition through the use of the five senses to locate and correct imbalances in the energy flow within the body. She does this by focusing on physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Toshia offers reiki, sound healing and meditation classes at the Downton Yoga & Wellness Co-op. See her available services below.

All Services

One-on-One Meditation - Mindfulness meditation will reduce your stress levels, increase your ability to relax, strengthen focus, calm and mental flexibility, reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, improve your performance at work, help you manage difficult emotions like anger and panic, improve the length and quality of sleep, and much more.

Holistic Healing

Reiki in Mountains - Go on a guided tour into the mountains to get grounded, and aligned. Toshia works with ascended masters to bring you healing.

Sound Healing Session - Your private session may bring you physical, mental and emotional cleansing, healing and nourishment through intention and the powerful vibrations of the singing bowls. If you presently have an injury or emotional wound, you can make this your focus during your session. You may embrace your personal session as a wonderful adventure exploring your personal energies and aura as you allow the beautiful sounds snd vibrations to wash through you bringing deep peace and inner balance. 

Life Coaching

Spiritual Coaching - Many people go through life without knowing their purpose. They live small, constricted lives, accomplishing and experiencing far less than what they were born for. By working with me in a personal session you will discover and heal limiting beliefs holding you back; identify your authentic purpose and faith, find peace, and harmonize every area of your life. Spiritual coaching empowers you to live from your innermost spiritual nature of unconditional love, unity, understanding and acceptance, with a divine connection. Please download intake form below if booking.

Trauma Life Coaching - Delve deep into holistic healing with Toshia to remove the blocks that prevent you from truly living. Toshia provides compassionate and trauma informed life-coaching, to gently help you heal from your past. Please download intake form below if booking.

Marriage Mentoring & Couples Coaching - Break from the monotony of your daily grind to fulfill your dreams within your relationship as "one".

I help couples create a dynamic, respectful, and romantic "conscious relationship" that compliments their journey together.

This session is for one-on-one coaching with Toshia via Skype/Facetime for 60 minutes. Please download intake form below if booking.

Spiritual Coaching Pack - 12 weeks of long-distance life coaching by Skype, phone, Facetime, or Zoom. Please download intake form below if booking.


15 Min Consultation - Not sure what you need, or what service you need? Book a 15 min consultation.

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