Healing Through Words

Books by Toshia

Toshia Shaw is the author of, The Green Light of Forgiveness: A meditation on forgiveness to take total control over your life after trauma (Purple Wings Publishing, 2016). The book helps people understand the true power of forgiveness and shares a powerful meditation for them to use as the basis of their daily forgiveness practice. The tools and techniques within the book helps people to get past their trauma towards healing, and the daily meditation practice helps them to take back their life and let go of all the things, large and small, that no longer brings them peace and happiness. In the year 2017 Toshia released, The Re-Awakening: A Workbook to Get Unstuck and Awaken to Your Life’s Purpose (Purple Wings Publishing, 2017). The workbook helps people to gain the confidence to live authentically, discover their purpose, and it allows them to really be seen. 

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